Osteopathy, despite being an alternative medicine, occupies an important place in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Osteopathy is deservedly considered the medicine of the future, because specialists with unique manual techniques are turning more and more to curing the most serious diseases without using many medications.

Osteopathy is a philosophy, a science, an art of health management, where diagnostics and breitling replica watches treatment are performed by the doctor - osteopath. The arms of the osteopath are a sensitive device, created by nature itself, which can detect abnormalities in the functioning of the human body at the level of functional disorders and help it with special effects, and then the organism carries out self-correction.

The main advantage of osteopathy lies in the ability to eliminate the root cause of diseases even at the initial stage of clinical manifestations and use special diagnostic techniques to determine functional disorders, the manifestations of which   are not yet available in the understanding of traditional medicine. An osteopath can tell about the threat of development of ill-effects in the body much earlier than a pediatrician or neurologist, and, most importantly, can very effectively help a person when there are no manifestations of the disease yet.

Due to the special sensitivity of the hands, the doctor can catch violations even in the newborn, which is especially important for the child's future health. It is especially important for children,   it's not a secret, what can be eliminated from a child within three minutes after childbirth, in three days can be eliminated within three months, and a month later can not be eliminated in three years. At the heart of successful osteopathic treatment is the feeling of empathy. We often encounter indifference at the doctor's reception. The doctor tries to resist the disease, relying on the symptoms, appropriately choosing a medicine. The patient is lazy and very quickly gets used to uncontrolled reception of medicines. Through trial and swiss replica watches uk error, the patient tries to find a wonderful medicine that will heal him for good.

Osteopathy heals without drugs, transferring various systems of the organism from a state of deviation into balance and harmony. Used by osteopaths, medical techniques continue to be constantly improved and supplemented with new techniques. Osteopathy is not a static therapy based on rigid rules, but a dynamic process that is subject to constant changes and adaptation. Osteopathy is a complex treatment. Experienced, well-trained osteopaths can use the emotional information accumulated in the tissue. The patient takes an active part in the process of his own recovery. 

Osteopathy in Russia appeared relatively late - only in the early nineties. It is interesting that St. Petersburg has become a kind of flagship for the development of osteopathy in our country: it was here that the first school of osteopaths was opened, it is here that one of the largest training centers of specialists is the Russian Academy of Osteopathy. But at the present time the level of domestic specialists is rapidly growing to Western and European. 

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