Остеопатия в стоматологии

  More than 20 years I have been a therapeutic dentistry. Dental therapist is usually the first specialist to whom patient addresses and so he is faced with almost all the problems of the oral cavity. After receiving osteopathic knowledge, I began to treat dental disease in connection with the state of the entire human body. Observations led to the fact that often certain oral problems are combined with some replica watches for sale problems in the body. They are often not diagnosed by traditional specialists and identified only by a patient survey.

  Here are some examples. Tracking:



in body

- Exposure of the necks and tooth mobility, increased stone formation and inflammation of the gingival margin

- Complaints of the gastrointestinal tract, pelvic prolapse, post-surgical scars, overweight

- An increased blurring of the chewing surfaces of the teeth, chipped fillings and crowns ceramic coating

- In the past - traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, liver problems.

- Malocclusion, difficulty or inability eighth tooth eruption

- Birth or other trauma

- Pain and clicking joint of the lower jaw, difficulty opening the mouth

- Trauma, liver disease, stomach, kidney

  Now it is difficult to find someone who at least once has not been in the chair at the dentist. And all patients with any problems in the oral cavity, without hesitation and without complaint, carry them to the dentist's office, knowing that the physician chooses a radical and a right decision.

- Baby just born, problems with sucking - dentist - check bridle

- Grown, milk fell, but something is not permanent - x-rays

- For almost all the teeth in place, but grow crookedly, askew - quickly learn about the plate and Brackett.

The number of problems and issues in adults is still growing: replica swiss watches

- Bleeding gums become bare necks of the teeth - The rinse?

- Crunches the joint of the lower jaw - Maxillofacial surgeon can help.

- Teeth become mobile - it is necessary to the periodontist.

And if you will not open your mouth - the doctor has rasporochka comfortable during the treatment!

  Many of you will find in this list is not a question that has ever been asked the dentist. This list of causes of treatment made by me is not accidental, because these problems are often the consequence of common diseases and injuries of the human body.

  And dentists are trying hard to help their patients. But their help, the traditional approach is only symptomatic, as work comes with the end result of the disease, which can be hidden in nature. The doctor will conduct a professional treatment: put the seal, eliminates bleeding gums, align the tooth rows, etc. - but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real reason, which is hidden in the body, will lead to the fact that the symptoms may come back again.

  For example, many have heard of cases where, after a long and expensive treatment, braces, teeth back to its original position, the patient began to suffer from headaches, dizziness, tinnitus. This occurs from the fact that the majority of orthodontic patients have problems with the structure of the skull, to be exact - with a shift or deformation of his bones. In this case, any effect on the teeth and the jaw will not be effective and the patient is experiencing pain.

  It has been proven that if you hold down the temporal bone - any manipulation on the upper jaw will have a negative impact - up to otitis media.


  In conclusion, I wish to warn: If, during visits to the dentist you hard for a long time to be in a position to open and keep open the mouth, if the doctor interferes with your mobile language, you blind light bulb and you ask sunglasses if you always long erode the seals and often after taking a headache - you should be wary - it all true signs of imbalance in the body. In this case, the osteopath can be your helper on the path to health !!!!!!



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