Йога-терапия и гонг-медитация

Yoga is an ancient system of knowledge about man, his body and inner world. Based on the millennial experience of the East, yoga offers a wide arsenal of methods that allow you to improve your health, feel calmer and more harmonious.

The therapeutic effect of Yoga is related to its complex biomechanics, which affects the neurophysiology of cool replica rolex watches a person and includes several levels:

1.  Physical aspect-strengthening of muscles, ligaments, development of flexibility.

2.  Physiological aspect - improvement of blood circulation, regulation of endocrine, immune systems, improvement of enzymatic processes.

3.  Psycho-emotional aspect - equalization of brain potentials, release into the blood of neurotransmitters (endorphins, dopamine), improving memory and strengthening the will, thanks to concentration of attention.

The combination of Yoga and Osteopathy opens up new opportunities for man in his striving to become and be healthy. Technicians of osteopathy, with the help of which it is possible to determine the initial, main cause of the disease complained of by the patient, allow a deeper and more focused approach to the use of yoga as therapy, especially with an individual approach.

Kundalini Yoga, which is represented in our center, is characterized by an integrated approach, so that a person can remain healthy physically and spiritually. Each lesson includes work with the body and mind, practice includes elements of all directions of yoga: asanas, dynamic and breathing exercises, gong meditations.

Gong-meditation is like sound rolex replica watches uk therapy.

Teachers of Yoga have used Gong since antiquity as a harmless and very effective tool for treating many diseases. Each part of our body corresponds to certain sound vibrations. Their beneficial influence can be strengthened by the healing sound of the gong.

In meditative practice, the gong helps to calm the incessant flow of thoughts, to draw attention to the healing vibrations that permeate the whole body.

Modern sound therapy actively uses gongs in the work on the healing of various diseases, including headaches, migraines, insomnia and even diseases of the spine and joints. Psychotherapists also successfully apply gongs in their practice in dealing with crisis situations, in cases of stress, depression, apathy.

Due to the impact of strong sound oscillations of different amplitude during the gong meditation, all mental structures are consistently worked through, completely cleared of pollution and getting re-updated and harmonized.

The healing effects of gong meditation

·  It leads to deep relaxation, removes the negative effects of stress.

·  Brings the balance and strengthens the central nervous system.

·  Has a beneficial effect on all internal organs.

·  Makes breathing deeper, lengthened and relaxed.

·  Helps to get rid of fears, attachments, get rid of blocks.

·  Starts the energy processes, activates the internal force.

·  Configures for a joyful attitude to the world.

·  Clarifies the perception, helps to see the world, as it is, without assessments and habitual patterns.

·  Launches healing processes throughout the body.

·  Releases blocked energy.

·  Clears subconscious mind against negative constructions.

·  Structures the energy field.

·  Provides a grounding effect - the basis for productive activity, integrity and internal stability.

Занятия по йога-терапии и гонг-медитации проводят:
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Анна (доктор остеопатии) и Владимир - сертифицированные инструкторы Кундалини йоги.

Занятия проходят в нашем центре на Подольской улице дом 28.
Занятия проходят два раза в неделю, необходима предварительная запись по телефону 746-86-39 или 7-921-943-72-13.

Индивидуальные занятия по Кундалини Йоге.

  Если вы давно не имели физической нагрузки, вас смущает занятие в группе или вы хотите индивидуального подхода для решения своей проблемы – в нашем центре можно записаться на индивидуальные занятия по Кундалини Йоге.

  На первом занятии, после беседы с врачом-инструктором, вы вместе выполните комплекс упражнений, который позволит более глубоко и тонко выявить физические и эмоциональные блоки вашего тела. Дальнейшая индивидуальная программа будет направлена на их проработку. Также вам будет подобран комплекс для самостоятельных занятий. Необходимое количество индивидуальных занятий определиться в процессе вашей совместной работы с инструктором.

  Вы можете принести с собой рекомендации от вашего лечащего доктора-остеопата с указанием зон или органов вашего тела, которые требуют дополнительной проработки с помощью йоги.